About the Practical Test



Once you have reached test standard, you can apply on-line for your practical test -


Link - https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test


You will need -

1) UK provisional driving licence number

2) Credit or debit card



Cost - £62.00 (Week days)


Venue - Launceston Test Centre


 The Test -

1) The examiner will check that your eye sight meets the requirements. You must be able to read a      standard UK number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres/67 feet. If you require glasses or contact  lenses to achieve this standard, you must wear them when you drive.

2) The examiner will test your knowledge on basic car maintenance & safety. They will ask you two  questions from a possible choice of nineteen. There will be one "show me" & one "tell me" question. If  you answer either of the questions incorrectly, you will gain one driving test fault. The nineteen possible  questions can be found on the link page but we will also have the opportunity to discuss them during  our driving lessons.

3) The examiner will then test you on your general driving ability, reversing the vehicle & your ability to  drive independently for around ten minutes.


The driving part of the test will last about forty minutes. 








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